Established in 2011, todayʼs english (TE) specializes in advancing medical innovation through enhanced presentation skills.

We attain singular results from extensive knowledge of public speaking and communication from decades of experience, as well as thorough understanding of pitfalls from cooperation with hospitals.

TE methods are immediate. They are proven. They make a difference in medical presentations.

Daniel Suk


Michael Kim

managing director

Michael is an American citizen with nearly 20 years experience teaching around the world. He has a degree in Economics from Emory University. In Korea, he worked as a trainer and instructor for top Korean companies, many notable in the Medical/Pharma fields. Prior to that, he was in Shanghai as Educational Director for Southern China, training instructors and developing curricula for the region. He works with nearly any number of students in nearly any setting. He is approachable, engaging, and energetic. His interests include writing, singing and playing board games.

Boram Kang

executive administrator

Boram oversees all internal and external communication. She facilitates relationships with clients, settles disputes, maintains protocols, and ensures all classes run smoothly. Boram is a Korean citizen with vast experience in languages and cultures from her many travels around the world.

David Werner

head trainer

David is an American citizen with over 8 years experience teaching in Korea. He has a Master Diploma in TEFL, and a BA in Political Science. He has worked in the corporate sector for top companies in Korea. He has worked with all levels of students at Hagwons as well as businesses. David is sprightly, positive, and expressive. He still has connections to politics and volunteer work.

David works in TE curriculum development and training new trainers.