Medical professionals don’t have a lot of time. We design our courses with doctors, nurses and technicians in mind. The expert content we provide is concentrated and streamlined. Each video is less than 10 minutes. There is NO homework. There are NO scripts to memorize. Customize your own experience and learn at your own pace.

Below is a list of our currently available online courses.

Creating Effective Medical Presentations $579.00

This course provides a full and specific foundation for medical presentations. It offers techniques for crafting, organizing and delivering an effective and professional talk of any type or any length.

Fundamentals of Moderating $197.00

This course introduces essential skills when taking the role of moderator or MC. It provides useful structures and core language that cover a moderator’s duties, from opening remarks to unexpected complications.

Sensitive Clinical Language $179.00

This course focuses on addressing a patient’s emotional wellness in order to better address clinical outcomes. It provides some techniques for easing a patient’s emotional discomfort, in order to get greater compliance.